3 Methods To Prioritize ​​Your Work Productively

3 Methods To Prioritize ​​Your Work Productively

One of the main issues with the people who are struggling to increase their productivity is being unable to prioritize the most crucial tasks while performing the daily important tasks. Thus we need methods to prioritize work by productivity.

You need to do add up productivity into your life if you want things to be done. In this case productivity is the key to success

The reasons for this issue are obvious. Firstly, you don’t have any type of task management system to be used to manage all the daily tasks. Second, you don’t have a list of actionable steps to follow. Third, your rate of distraction from actual work is much higher while you’re performing some task. Fourth, multi-tasking fascinates you resulting in less focus over main task. So, there is dire need to prioritize and manage your day long tasks.

The main goal of task prioritization and management is to get more from less. Now the question arises, how do you get more from less?

You get more from less when you are able to perform a given task in very less time as compared to the normal by dividing it into subtasks. And ranking the important ones to be done first. In this way you waste minimum time due to proper prior planning and the task is completed way before the deadline is reached.

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Following are the proven ways to prioritize tasks:

Making master lists:

Master list is the main list, in which you jot down every single task you plan to do now or in near future. After creating the master list create a monthly list which includes the plan for the whole month. Next step is creating weekly and daily lists.

Note: You must transfer the items from your master list to all other monthly, weekly and daily lists.

After making these lists you can now set task priorities, make sure to be effectiveness oriented rather than task oriented.

Ivy Lee Method:

It is used to rank your tasks with respect to their importance. It starts by jotting down the 6 most important things to accomplish on the next day. So, at the end of the day you think about the 6 most important things to do tomorrow and list them down. After listing those 6 tasks you rank them according to their relative importance.

When the next day starts, you must focus on the first task till it is completed. After the completion of first task approach the rest of the items on the list in the same manner. If you’re left with some items don’t worry, move those finished items to the next day’s list.

Repeat this process every day to get the best out of your work.

ABCD Method of task prioritization:

This method gives you a framework to deal with daily tasks at sublevels. Let’s see the implementation of this method.

Start with creating a list of all the tasks to be done. Now from your list and assign every task a letter from A to E in such a manner that A = Most Important E = Least Important / Unimportant.

Now for all the tasks assigned with letter Arank them according to their importance (like A1, A2, A3….). Repeat the same process with all the letters till every task gets a letter and number (like B2, C3, D3, E5….)

Now accomplish the tasks in ascending order i.e. A1at first and E10at last.

Beware of the sunk cost fallacy!!!

Sunk cost fallacy is a psychological effect where we tend to continue doing some work because we have already given much of our time and effort to it. Under this effect you tend to divert from your set priorities and waste your time and effort on something that’s not worth of your time and is not going to add any value to your life.

“No matter what you do with the time you have, it never tends to stop and always keeps going, so make sure to get the best out of the time you have now in your possession” 

So keep in mind that productivity is the only source that can help you be sucessful in life.

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