5 Things To Always​ Remember About Life

5 Things To Always​ Remember About Life

Do you ever stop to perceive your own thoughts and behaviors. To observe yourself and your way of life? Do you ever wonder what your doing in life? Do you ever stop and observe the world? Most of us never stop and question the way we live our lives and why we live the way we do.

Somehow or another we can find things to always remember. 

5 things to Always remember

  1. The past can never be changed

    Do you ever just sit and think about all the mistakes you did in the past? All the bad memories you have? Of course, everyone has done this in their life. People just think about their past. They face depression, anxiety and a high level of stress. Just thinking about the past. They ruin the present and their future as well.

“Don’t be ruled by your past. Don’t be crippled by the past. Let the past be the past and focus on what is ahead. Remember however that if you neglect the most essential lessons of the past, you shall walk into the future with one leg.”

2. Opinions don’t define the reality

Everyone is allowed to give an opinion, but not all opinions should be shared. Some opinions sound polite and others might hurt you. The negative opinion destroys a person’s life. Those negative opinions can mentally, physically and emotional destroy a person.

Many people consider that they are perfect in everything that they do, but that is just unrealistic. It just breaks my heart to see so many people in this world let the opinions of others affect them, hold them back. You are much more than just someone’s opinion of you. The more you believe on someone’s opinion, the more you believe it is true. The mind makes you think that what your hearing is actually true about yourself.  

If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone don’t say anything. Instead of breaking someone, it should be about building that person into a better person. It takes just as much energy to be nice than it does to be negative about someone.

Opinions lead to overthinking about themselves. Overthinking leads to unhappiness. Never let someone’s opinion of you define who you are as a person. Prove them wrong. Take control over yourself. 

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”

3. Everyone’s journey is different 

Everyone’s journey is different. Just because you know someone who had a rough time doesn’t mean that you will too. Your story will be as distinctive as you are. So take a deep breath, try to relax and just know that your future isn’t defined by someone else’s experience.


 “Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 30. Wait for the right time for things to happen. The universe will ultimately guide you where you are meant to be “

4. All things get better with time

Notice how impatient you get about things. You wonder when things would be okay. You think about how miserable your life is just because you might be facing some minor issues. I call them minor issues causes there isn’t any problem that doesn’t have a solution. 

Short story

Let me tell you a short story to make my point: -Once upon a time, there was an insect. A normal sized black ant wandering alone on the ground exploring some food that will serve him for the day.

After hours of pointless searching, he didn’t get any food to eat. It might be due to hot day combined with sandstorms that day for food and very soon, he found a comparatively bigger piece of bread on a somewhat one-sided slope.

He tried his best to climb up the slope but each time he crossed nearly half of the slope, and he just slipped down. But he was determined to reach for the piece of bread so he continued trying.

Even after half an hour of in-depth efforts, the ant couldn’t make it. The ant was extremely tired, almost incapable of moving anymore, hungry from a long time but even then he didn’t quit. He decided to give it another try.

This time, nature had decided something good for him. Sandstorms stopped, sun was about to set and the ant, putting even the last bit of energy to climb up, reached that point which he was longing from long. Now, the bread piece was in front of him.

He reached near the bread piece and ate it. you show that all the efforts you do, you do get a great time in life. 

5. Overthinking leads to sadness
sometimes you might wander why you just think over something that is pointless. You overthink over everything almost. Its not bad to think but overthinking leads to sadness. When you overthink about something you simply believe what your mind tells you. Mind is powerful, and you mind makes you think about things that might not exist even. 
Overthinking takes away almost all your energy and simply makes you weak. You become weak internally. Overthinking causes anxiety, stress and depression in some severe cases. 

“The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, while the dull win the race with eyes closed.”

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