5 Tips On How To Stay Happy

5 Tips On How To Stay Happy

Most people have no control over their emotion. They feel delighted when good stuff happens and depressed when things go wrong. 

Life is like a roller coaster.

But is it possible that you can be happy no matter what happen?

Life will be different in that case. You would act relaxed over all the problems you face. You wont feel lonely when you have no one around. Most importantly you won’t face lack of sleep problems. 

All this seems so amazing. How great would it be if you could have control over your emotions? 

Take a look and some tips to have a happy life. 

1. Stop Chasing and Start Living

People usually chase for things. Some consider if they would have this car their life would be easier. Other think if they had the following dress they would look prettier. But instead of enjoying life, they chase a vague idea of happiness. 

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s never possible that you have a steady life and that you’re always going to be happy. But at least appreciate whatever you have and start living with it. 

So stop chasing and start living. Wanting for more is fine, but don’t forget to enjoy your life with whatever you have right now. 

2. Assume Responsibilities

Often people blame their problems over others. They consider that that would be the best way to get out of those problems. They say” I’m sensitive because I have been living in a broken family.” Or “I can’t study properly because my parents are always fighting.” But deep inside people know that no one is responsible for their problems. 

But life is full of different people and situations. Some are good and some are bad. 

Instead of blaming others for what’s wrong in your life. Focus on how you can make things better. You are responsible for your own happiness. 

3. Take Action

Life becomes simple when you realize when to take actions. You do face problems in life but when to act on it if the main problem. It simple actually if your problem is that your gaining to much weight. Just start jogging or dieting. If you have problem studying take help from your friends. 

4. Expect Nothing

We expect others to treat us better than we treat them. That’s where things go totally wrong. 

In short, we tend to have unreasonable expectations. Briefly we can say that what we expect from others actually causes misery. People don’t tend to do as you expect from them. That’s where sadness and disappointments occurs. 

If you don’t expect anything from anyone, for sure you wont have any type of sadness in life either. Live your life the way you want to and expect nothing from anyone. 

5. Surround yourself with good people

people always wonder how to be happy, but they never understand that happiness also comes up when you surround yourself with good people. When you have positive people around you. These positive people create positive vibes for you. They bring up happiness for you by believing in you and bringing the best out of you. 


At the end of the day, bad things will happen to you. You will have lots of ups and downs in life. But I assure you happiness can not be brought by someone else for you. Its all up to you. Take full control of your emotions. And happiness will be in your hands. 

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