5 ways to overcome regret!

5 ways to overcome regret!

Regret destroys everything

It might be times when your past moment just pops up in your head. It might be when you’re showering or maybe when you’re reading a book. The memories just interrelate with what you’re doing. For example, when you’re reading a book, you consider yourself to be one of the characters in the book.

The bad memories you have in the past bring regret along. At times you think of maybe if you had a chance you would go back in the past and fix things. Some of us, or maybe you can say most of us, some way or another tries to let go of the past. But something in the past just pulls you back. Makes you realize of all the painful choices you made.

Different regrets in life

Not living your life the way you want to

I think this is a main regret people face nowadays. People try to live their life the way others want them to. Each person is surrounded by a group of other people. Those other people influence them in different ways. That’s where you cause yourself damage. You tend to listen to what others expect from you. And live your life the way they tell you to.

For example, a guy in his office is given another job opportunity. He is confused whether to take it or not. That’s where he thinks to discuss it with his colleague. The colleague tells him not to take the opportunity and to stay with the job he has.
Maybe if the guy taught about it himself. And took control of his life. He would have taken this job opportunity seriously. Today he wouldn’t have been regretting it.

Expressing your feelings on time

People do lack in expressing their feelings for others. Most of the relationships nowadays don’t work well. The couple fights and surely, they breakup sooner than they imagined too. But one thing that is important to work up a relationship is expressing how you feel for the other person. I think when you express how much you love the other person that’s where the couple comes closer to each other.

The individual people who were once a couple regret all this. They try to think that if they had got a chance, they would have expressed their feelings for each other. And maybe they would have been on better terms that now.

Following your dreams

Having dreams is like everyone’s hobbies. Every person in this world has a dream. Some dream to have an amazing car, some dream to have a beautiful branded dress and others dream for a good job. There are all sorts of dreams everyone has for himself or herself. Whether rich or poor, everyone has a dream. But having a dream doesn’t matter, what matters is how to make that dream come true. Who can struggle to make their dream come true?

It’s best that you work hard now. Otherwise you might regret later. You should struggle you make your dreams come true. Because maybe now you won’t feel but later in your life you might regret. You might think that maybe if I gave my studies more time, I might have been in the university I dreamed for.

Stressing over what others think about you

I might say that people do care about what others think of them. People try to change themselves the way others might like them. People stress out on how others might judge them. They try to change themselves accordingly. But one thing for sure is that not everyone is perfect. You shouldn’t care about what others think of you.
Don’t stress over what others might think of you. It is best to do what you like, to do things that make you happy. That you know is right for yourself. Trust me people are quite selfish here and these negativities only damage you. Let people say what they want to. And you do as you like. It is better than regretting!

Not giving time to your family

We all understand that family is the most important thing in our lives. So why do most of us take all this for granted. We should realize that one day our parents, our family might no longer be with us. Why wait for that day when they would go from this planet. And we would miss spending time with them. Its bests to give them time spend time with your siblings, with your parent. If your blessed enough that they live with you. Spend lots of time with them. If they’re far away then give them Skype calls, or send them emails. Just try to stay in contact with your family.

Most of us, don’t realize how important family is. Thus later on in your life you regret that if you had more time you would have given your parents more love and care. You would have taken care of them. Try to do things on the right time. Never take your family for granted. And try to spend most of your time with them.


In short, Facing your regrets is going to be tough. It will probably be painful, terrifying and terrifying all at the same time. Don’t let that hold you back, though. Your personal growth and happiness depend on you finding a way to move forward. It’s worth the effort.

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