3 Simple Tips/Ways to Make Life Easier

3 Simple Tips/Ways to Make Life Easier

When you go through your normal routine, do you notice something familiar every day? No right? Because it’s all normal, No it’s not all normal. If you look at your routine you are complaining about at least one section of life every day, if not all. Given human nature, the satisfaction doesn’t come easy. May it be your job, your household affair, your studies, your grades, money, not fulfilling your dreams, you name it and the list of complains goes on and on. And you can’t deny it. Does the question always arise how to simplify your life?

The biggest complaint of all is that Life is complicated! There is just too much stuff to handle, too many problems and no solution! Isn’t it? There is an English saying. To every lock there is Key. So if you can’t find a key it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. In this article we’ll give you a possible key! 

Why is Life so Complicated?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? There may be many reasons, and they may vary, listed below are some (like only three) of them.

  1. Complaining too much:
    It’s human nature to complain. We simply cannot eliminate it. Why we do so? There is strife in every human being to achieve the best that there is. When we see in certain situations that we can be better we complain. And we do there is no denying it. Look around, in your daily routine, your friends will complain, the family does, you do on an almost daily basis. This not only complicates your life but it affects your capabilities and quality of thoughts, your mood too.
  2. Worry over every little thing:
    If you don’t believe me on this just take a look at your life. How much we worry all the time! As students, list of worries includes grades, projects, assignments and their deadlines. Furthermore, when getting a bit bigger in age and height you worry about how to get a job so that you don’t starve to death. Imagine when you finally got a job; then boss and his deadlines become the biggest worry of them all.

    In the future when you get married and have kids, family’s future and their safety is another worry added to the list. These are just general of them, the personal and specified worries are different, and for 7 billion people the list of worries is different, worried much? Counting all your worries have made me worry, has it made you worry just a bit? 
  3. Overthinking instead of thinking:
    Human beings on this planet are constantly in a stance of thinking and stressing themselves out, in not so humanly way. Well everybody does it! We create situations in our minds that may not be possible even, but as people say, these situations are an escape from reality; they are more real from every reality out there. But they are not and they never will be real. Every complain, every worry, every stress starts from here, thinking too much, stressing too much. 

How to Simplify Your Life?

Always remember change starts with you! If you want everything to vanish it will! If you don’t want to, every force in the universe can try but it will be there always! Lets look at ways to reduce the three mentioned problem we discussed earlier.

  1. How to reduce complaints in your life?
    A Simple thought can change it and it’s called positive reinforcement. In simple words, you think of the positives of the thing you complain about one single thing that makes it unique. In other words, motivate yourself to like it. If you can change it, go ahead make it better, if you are stuck, (which some of us are,) look at the positives, it will get better. life depends on the quality of your thoughts. If the thoughts are positive then the impact of your thoughts is also positive. That’s easy, right? 
  2. How to reduce worries?
    Newt Scamander says: Worrying makes you suffer twice. So worry just SIMPLY increases your problems. Another Answer to it is that things are bound to get better even if they are not good right now. God that has created us will give us everything that is best for us. So instead of worrying just go with the flow because good things will always find their way to you no matter what. 
  3. How can we stop overthinking?
    So think sure, don’t overthink. There is a book called, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff it’s all the Small Stuff”. Every question you have in your mind the answer is in the title, read the book if you want.
    If you see every problem as a small thing, you don’t have to overthink it or stress over it. So the question arises is how every problem is small? It is that we make it big by thinking a lot over it. No problem or person for that matter is worthy enough to rattle our fences of peace. People or problems become issues because we give too much power over us, and as excruciating this process is, it’s also tempting because we are losing control. It may look like we don’t have control but we control is the last thing we have in our might. 

So don’t let it go and be happy with what you have, because what you have is something that someone out there is fighting for, so don’t waste it by complaining, or worrying, or overthinking, enjoy every moment of it and keep smiling.

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