Change 5 habits to make better decisions

Change 5 habits to make better decisions

Make better decisions

In life there always comes a time when you regret about a decision you made. At that time you blame yourself, and you say all sort of dirty things to yourself. Just because you regret what you decided on. You usually decide on something due to many different emotions. 

Some people are extremely aggressive and they tend to make decisions in anger. Those decisions are always wrong because you just take them without thinking about it even.

Some people take a decision because of pressure from the surrounding. Those decisions aren’t basically yours. In some time in your life you might think that it would have been better if you decided on it yourself. 

To make better decisions you need to change some habits.

5 Changes In Habits To Make Better Decisions

  • Don’t consider yourself in that situation
    When you’re facing a problem and you don’t know what to do. The best thing to take rational decisions is to remove yourself from the situation. Take yourself as an outside observer. Then consider the whole scenario, that way you will be able to understand the situation from all aspects. 

  • Identify the risks you take
    It’s strange that you do something every day and still, you don’t understand what it does to you. Some people tend to eat fast foods every day without seeing their ill health. Over time, you might gain weight or have other health consequences. 
    Identify all the daily things you do. And try to overcome every bad habit you have. Such as having fast foods, trying a car extremely fast, not doing exercise. All these habits can risk your life. Start taking wise decisions from here. 

  • Frame your problems in a different way

    When you have to face a problem and need a decision, frame the problem differently. Take a minute to think about whether the slight change in wording affects how you view the problem. 
    For example 
    imagine two doctors. The first doctor tells his patients, “Ninety percent of people who undergo this treatment might live.” The other doctor says, “Ten percent of people who undergo this treatment die.” 

  • Stop thinking about the problem
    Studies have shown that thinking about a problem is good. But overthinking about that problem can cause trouble. You spend so much time thinking about the pros and cons of a certain problem. It’s best to keep yourself busy at that time. Try sleeping or doing something you like such as reading a book. Let your brain work in the brain and surely you would get a clear answer to your problem. 

Talk to a friend
Talking to a friend can help you make better decisions. When you talk to someone you trust you tend to share every bit to him or her. you talk to them about all the problems with every aspect.

This is an important way to take better decisions. But in these cases, you should discuss things with a friend just to get some good advice and ideas. The rest is all your work to do. 

These are some habits that you can change to make better decisions in life. set your goals and believe in yourself.

I wish you all get solutions to your problems. Trust me every problem has a solution.

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