Critical thinking- A key to success ​​

Critical thinking- A key to success ​​

When you Critically evaluate something you analyze it. You look into things from a perspective that contradicts the existing perspectives. The idea is to isolate your present thoughts to build up new ones. Likewise, in order to become a “Critical Thinker,” you should not become a mere recipient of information. Evaluate whatever knowledge you gain. Find evidence corresponding to that information. And generate arguments that support your idea. In this way, you not only clear up your mind. But you also stop depending on existing concepts. 

In contrast, if your entire thought process and your decisions depend on how someone else looks at the world. You are fairly limited to making others happy rather than your own self. You’re forced to accept things that you might not agree with.

You must be capable of thinking independently. You are the creator of your own thoughts. Don’t let anyone dictate to you what is right or wrong. Thus, once you start observing your surroundings critically then there’s no going back. It opens doors for a “New Belief System“ that appropriates your existing ideas and assumptions. 

Above all, Thinking Critically is a built in ability. The only difference is between those who choose to use and those who don’t. The readiness and ease that the world of the internet has brought us, has enclosed in the human mind. We believe what we read and we repeat what we hear. We lack the motivation to examine things from a different perspective. In simple words, we like to be spoon fed. 

“Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.”

Francis Bacon

How to become a Critical Thinker

The evolution of your thought process is vital to reinforce your mental capacity. Follow the steps listed below to become a Critical Thinker:

  • Start by asking Questions 

Once you start evaluating your surroundings critically, you demand answers. Furthermore Start by asking some basic questions

  1. What do you know? 
  2. How do you know, what you know? 
  3. What is your rationale for asking these Questions? 
  • Deconstruct

Try deconstructing a prior assumption. Work on building a new hypothesis and find evidence that supports the new hypothesis.

  • Think independently 

A great way to start thinking critically is to allow your thought process to be free from other people’s beliefs and intuition. Do what you think is right. Put away all the societal expectations;do not limit yourself to what others think is right. 

  • Become an observer

You can only analyze a situation that has been under your observation. If not, your work will be subject to other people’s perceptions making it nugatory. 

  • Examine each perspective

How will you differentiate right from wrong if you fail to identify the different perspectives surrounding a similar situation. You cannot pass for being a critical thinker unless you study each perspective individually and in comparison to each other. 

Advantages of being a Critical Thinker 

  1. It helps to believe in yourself more
  2. You understand yourself better
  3. Your able to learn to solve problems systematically rather than based on instincts and intuition 
  4. It’s a part of a healthier lifestyle
  5. It helps generate a new belief system 

To build up your competence and activate a better understanding of the world one must become a Critical Thinker. It is important to realize that you cannot think critically at all times but you must activate your potential to become an active learner. Finding a middle ground is of utmost importance. Hence, a step in your everyday life will go all the way. 

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