How Anger Destroys A Relation?

How Anger Destroys A Relation?

A relationship is never perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs. One partner is more short-tempered than the other. But that doesn’t mean that relationships should end so soon. 

Nowadays when couples can’t find ways to settle things down in a relationship. They just end up breaking up with each other. Usually the fights start more when one of the partners has anger issues. There can be more reasons but anger is important and should be talked about. 

Reasons for anger in a relationship 

Usually when a couple steps into a commitment, they don’t understand how much communication is important. Basically communication here means sharing everything with each other.

When you’re a couple its better to explain what you feel and what you want. One reason is because you expect differently from one another.  Usually your fellow partner doesn’t understand that. Talk more, communicate more. Simple is that! 

Another main reason is that sometimes to cover a situation you use your anger to do it. You can say that you might not like something your partner is doing. But you don’t want to interfere more in their life. So you try to cover it up but you fail and end up in a fight.

In such situations, it’s best that you just discuss things. Your couple has the right to know where they’re going wrong. 

Relationships are all about compromising. But some people usually don’t understand. I can’t say that it’s all men’s fault or all women’s faults.

But yes I can say that compromising is a key to a successful relationship. But usually one of the partners or sometimes both aren’t able to compromise. They aren’t ready to compromise and that results in anger and fights. Such fights obviously end up into a breakup. 

You might agree with me but over possessiveness in a relationship can be a source for anger. Over possessiveness isn’t good in a relationship.

A partner should be given his or her own space. And that is necessary so that a relationship can work better. You should interfere so much into a person’s life. Over possessives usually becomes a negative thing in a relationship. 

I can say that these aren’t the only reasons for anger in a relationship. Every relationship is different from the other. And every person behaves differently with people.

But one important thing to work out a relationship is to always become a support system for your partner.

Being possessive is cute in a relationship. You feel protected and safe that there is someone who cares about you. But being over possessive destroys a charm in a relationship. Try to trust and respect your partner. And most importantly love your partner as much as you can. 

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