How friendship is important in today’s world?

How friendship is important in today’s world?

Real meaning of Friendship

Friendship is a mutual relationship between two people. It is not necessary to be between the same genders. Friendship is of the most important relations. As stated in most sayings “having a friend is a blessing in disguise.” The difficult thing nowadays is to understand whether the friendships are real or not. The friendship bond is made by trust, sincerity, and compromises.

I consider that without a proper understanding between both people a friendship cant be successful. Nowadays, it is tough to identify nature of people. We can’t know whether the person is loyal or not. They think as friendship as a good way to time pass.  This world is full of fake people. Honestly it is quite rare that you would find someone who fulfills all aspects of a true friendship. 

Importance of friendship:

I believe having a lot of friends isn’t bad. Having less friends but loyal ones are better. Your surrounding actually defines who you are. You become like the people your surrounded by, for example a girl having friends that take drugs. Of course you would start doing the same. People are very insecure. To make their place in a group of people they do as they do. Thus a girl seeing her friends have drugs will do the same. Just so she can make her position in the group. Its not necessary to have a lot of friends, even one is enough. If that one is loyal, trustworthy and understanding that’s more than enough.

I have faced a lot, trying to find real friends. Yet I do make a lot of friends because I believe in having a lot of people around me. People become selfish and use you for their own benefits. I noticed that people just made friends to score better grades. But at times you can’t understand someone’s intentions.


Friendship is a beautiful relation if you know its true meaning, in my opinion a friendship can only work better if you’re willing to be a supportive system for your friend. If your able to act true and loyal with them, and act trustworthy enough. In all types of relationships there exists fights and even in friendships they do too but ending a friendship over pathetic fights is being immature, instead you should clear out all the misunderstandings.

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