How To Focus More In Life

How To Focus More In Life

In this fast paced world, there are distractions wherever we turn. People these days find it hard to complete a single five minute task without glancing at their phones every few seconds. Our attention span has decreased rapidly. We tend to lose our focus while doing something. Most people don’t have the attention span to read a book anymore because the distractions are too tempting.

Nevertheless, there are some people who have mastered the art of staying focused on a specific task. This requires a lot of patience, self control and most importantly practice. We train our brain so that it doesn’t get bored with a specific task is quite a skill. Our brain is a marvelous creation, as it has the ability to multitask.

However, this multitasking sometimes interferes with our IQ level. We make spelling mistakes and even cut corners. Consequently, making the brain focus on a single task at a specific time will result in giving fruitful results.

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Inspiration, the real Power

Doing what you like first

It is proven that during the first few minutes of a work session, the brain is in highly active zone. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with the task you love. It will fill you up with the sense of accomplishment to keep you going for longer. This feeling of accomplishment fuels you to accomplish even the hardest tasks with ease. Subsequently, resulting in any task done within a jiff.

Time Allocation

This is probably one of the problems people face after they have sat done to do their task. Most of them think the task will be done within an hour, even if that task clearly requires more time. People are not quite realistic when it comes to time management. This is where most problems arise. As, all people are different .The speed with which Person A might complete the task is not equivalent to the time it might take Person B to complete the task. Realistic time management is important. Allocating more time to the tasks which are harder and lesser to the ones you handle with ease. This shall help keep procrastination at bay.


All problems are not same .Therefore it is important to know your capacity and not overwork yourself.Forexample, if an assignment is given with twenty questions, it is important to divide your questions over a period of days. This is called as sub-tasking. Sub Tasking mainly consists of breaking down a larger task into a task which can be handled in one go. These sub-tasks are quite easy to handle. In addition, this will not compromise on the final result.
The best way to understand this is by taking this example; a student who studies little all year round and the student who waits on the very last day to study. Who is most likely to succeed in the end? Definitely, the student who studied every day. This is because when you do the task all in one go, you cut corners and make silly mistakes.

Hindrances in Staying Focused

The distractions which hinder our productivity are our gadgets i.e. our phones, laptops and televisions. We give into our desires and tell our ourselves lies .For example, we will complete the homework after this show and after that show we start watching another or get distracted by our phones. This is a vicious cycle and this needs to stop. This habit of giving into our desires proves as a real mess for us. As, we will have to do more work in less time. Procrastination is not a habit which will lead you to the path of success. Only hardworking people can obtain the success, as they deserve it.

These people who give into their temptations, must get rid of their gadgets and focus on the task at hand. Therefore making a list of tasks to do before awarding themselves with a reward. This kind of system will keep them going for a longer period of time. By limiting their distractions, they will find that they have more time to complete the task given. All of this starts, only if they reevaluate their priorities.

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