Inspiration- An Inner Power

Inspiration- An Inner Power

When most of us think about searching up inspirational quotes, we mostly just do that for cute instagram captions. However inspiration isn’t just quotes it s a feeling which makes you feel that your existence is so essential. It makes you feel empowered and love what you do. It makes you strive for success.

In this busy world, we tend to get caught up in the routine of things. we need a kind of inspiration to do our work right.

What is inspiration?

Inspiration is a feeling you get which makes your heart jump and mind race. You feel as if you have tons of ideas flowing in your mind. This feeling mostly is provoked when you read, see or hear about something that sparks your interest. In turn, making you want to get up and work. We can get inspiration to overcome our struggles by listening to how our mentors handled difficult situations.

This makes us feel better than even though we are going through a rough patch in our life. There is still hope. Firstly, we start to question ourselves that if our mentor faced this difficulty what would they have done. Secondly, start to think more about overcoming the problem with our own capabilities. Inspiration grants us the access to a new perspective.

Can Passionate people get demotivated?

Sometimes people forget why they started doing what they feel passionate about. Now you might be questioning how can people who immensely love what they do feel uninspired. This is a solid truth that you will feel uninspired at least once in your career. You might be doing your dream job, got into your dream university but you will still feel like something is missing. That missing thing is inspiration.

Inspiration is the reason you get up in the morning. You enjoy what you are doing in your life because it all makes sense. Therefore making you realize that everything fits in place and you are where you’re supposed to be in life.

How to get motivated

Now you might be caught in the routine cycle and are feeling highly demotivated with everything. But there is always a solution to every problem.

Getting inspired isn’t that a hard task to accomplish. There are a few ways anyone can start feeling better and inspired to become their best selves such as:

Go out for a walk

Walking in nature, feeling the soft grass beneath your feet, the birds chirping in the distance will always contribute to you feeling calmer. The wonderful sights of nature will let you escape the worry weighing on your mind and help you relax. These sceneries clear your mind and make you more mindful of your surroundings. The sight of green has also been linked to having improved mind power. Wandering into a forest and observing the birds will let your mind drift into its deeper realms and make you understand your purpose even more.

“Look deep into nature and then you’ll understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

Create a vision board

This will help you understand properly what your goals are. Further causing you to dig deeper as to the reason why you want to achieve these particular goals. They’ll help you see meaning in your life. Creating a vision board is fairly simple. You just paste the pictures of your goals onto any board. Looking at that vision board will make you want to make those dreams come true. You will make all possible efforts to make your dreams come true. This feeling of inspiration will help you in making daily decisions Subsequently , making you reach your goal.

Looking up inspiration

Everyone faces challenges at some point or another in their lives. We all make mistakes and we all have low points. It is crucial that we realize that hitting our low isn’t the end. We have so many examples and role models to look up too.

For example Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Quaid-e-Azam and so many more. These people faced immense hardships just for achieving their motives. They gave their all and didn’t let fear get them down. They understood the importance of their motive and kept moving forward. We all can learn so much from their lives by reading up on them or watching documentaries on them.

Due to the facility of internet, all of us can research on things which spark our interests. We can easily watch motivational speakers from all around and get inspired. Feeling inspired is just a click away.


In this chaotic world, it is easy to feel uninspired and doubt yourself on your choices. But the thing you need to do in this moment of doubt is just take a step back. Relax and then start to reasons as to why you began in the first place. Why you took the job, why you choose this career, why you are studying what you are. All these questions can be answered by taking a step back and finding the inspiration which attracted you to those fields in the first place.

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