Ways To Persuade And Influence Others

Ways To Persuade And Influence Others

What is Persuasiveness?

Persuasiveness is one of the most essential skills you need to learn, as it is useful in numerous situations. The ability to be persuasive and influence others can be influential for achieving goals and being happy.

Learning about persuasion can also give you insight into when they’re being used on you. The biggest benefit of this is you won’t use your money at wrong places. As you realize just how sales people and advertisers sell you products that you don’t necessarily need.

By learning ways to persuade and influence people, you can achieve greater personal power. And get more of the things you want faster than you can ever imagine. 

It can assure your progress and enable you to use all of your skills and abilities at the very highest level. Learning how to persuade people will earn you the support and respect of the people around you. The ability to influence others to do what you want them to do can make you one of the most important people in your society. 

But you need to learn certain tips to persuade better. The following are six majors tips on how to persuade and influence others.

1. Framing: Politicians use the technique of framing. A famous example of framing is inheritance taxes. Politicians who are against inheritance taxes will usually call them death taxes. By using the word death instead of inheritance, all kinds of negative meanings come to mind.

Framing is quite refined, but by using emotionally charged words, like death, you can easily persuade people to your point of view. 

2. Mirroring: It is a technique in which you basically mimic people’s movements. The movement can be practically anything. The most obvious ones are hand gestures, head and arm movements. 

3. Reciprocation: Usually when someone does something nice for you, you tend to return his or her favor as soon as possible. But have you ever noticed that someone would only be nice to you if you do something them. In a business setting, you could pass your fellow colleague a beautiful compliment or help them out in work. That way you can persuade them easily into doing something for you as well. 

4. Timing: often we ask others for something without seeing if it’s a right time or not. That’s where people take time to agree to what we asked for. Either they deny to it or they just change the topic. But in a business environment its best to understand when is the right time to ask someone for something. It could be at the end of the day or maybe at the beginning of the day when the workload is less. 

5. Way of speech: At times while talking to someone we don’t realize how what we are saying. In return to his or her talk we either say “umm” or “like this” which sounds a bit less confident. When you show yourself to be less confident it’s hard to persuade someone. In that case its best that you act confident while talking to someone if you want them to do as you like. 

6. Friends and surroundings: We are more likely to be persuaded by someone we like. Not only is this a good technique to be aware of to combat persuasive techniques being used on you. It’s also a good one to use on others because you would be surprised how easy it is to get people to like you and establish authority within groups. 


Furthermore, Using certain technique to persuade others isn’t wrong. It’s not like your using them or being selfish. You are just finding ways for people to listen to you. It’s best that when you want to persuade someone you act confident. Notice people’s behaviors and try to observe their attitude as well. That way you would know when is the best time to talk to them so they actually listen to you. And that’s when you apply on these 6 main tips on them. You will definitely be able to persuade and influence others. 

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